Eagle Grid Polska Subperiosteal Implants

The Newest Technique in Implantology 

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About us

EAGLEGRID is an Italian company that operates in the dental Implant sector and to be more precise, in Customized Subperiosteal Implants. Established in May 2017, it was created with the scope of bringing an innovative contribution to dental implantology. It has been successful in combining an obsolete implant method (Subperiosteal implants) with recent technological and digital advancements in dentistry. 

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About our products

EagleGrid Polska

We are the only distributor of implants Eagle Grid Iuxta 3D, subperiosteal implant, in Poland.


The titanium implant EAGLEGRID® 2.0 when delivered to you has already been thoroughly produced and tested.


To meet the high standards of our clients, we guarantee the highest levels of both quality and service for the treatment of even the most demanding patients.

Why EagleGrid Polska?

Polish branch

Our Implants

Implant Eaglegrid 2.0 and all our products, are dedicated to dentists who have their patient’s health as a priority.

Our mission

Our mission, is to give back a natural and healthy smile with fixed teeth even in the most difficult anatomical situations.

Our team

The EAGLE GRID team is formed by qualified specialists in different fields: dentists, medical specialists, dental technicians, biomedical engineers and programmers.


EAGLEGRID POLSKA enables dentists to learn about modern implant methods and solutions during the implantation of grid implants (EAGLEGRID® 2.0). 

Best quality guarantee

We guarantee the highest quality available and the possibility to check on the various stages of production of the implant as well as a customer friendly communication. 

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